1. ikrus

    • is a five letter domain name
    • is possibly an acronym
    • is a webcompany run by jason evers
    • is serious business

    design • print • web • photography

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    Fundamentally, I am a problem solver.

    I am, however, an interface specialist with a focus on development according to web-standards. My background is originally in graphic and print design, so I have a sound understanding of basic design principles and the current concepts needed to design for the modern web. Although I have experience in (warning: geek jargon) PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Merb, Javascript, jQuery, Mootools, ExpressionEngine, WordPress, Classic ASP, ASP.net, HTML5, CSS3, web fonts, and server administration, I particularly enjoy writing interface code and building useful interaction concepts on groundbreaking projects.

    I’ve worked on pro-bono, locally owned, national and international projects and Ikrus has been the "go to" outsource solution for several web companies over the years. Ikrus can help. Get ready.

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